Gabriela Brenes

Community & Membership Coordinator • Radio Ambulante / Seirenfilms
Last edited October 18, 2019

Gabriela traded her career as a classical pianist to become a journalist. Since then, she’s worked to amplify immersive storytelling, innovation and female leadership in media. Truly passionate about transdisciplinary collaboration and human-centered design, she’s constantly experimenting with digital platforms to tell stories in a more compelling and efficient way. In a Venn diagram with digital strategy, social research and multimedia literacy, she’d be right where the circles overlap.
Gaby collaborates in immersive projects with Seirenfilms and works as Community and Membership Coordinator at Radio Ambulante. A Chicas Poderosas ambassador, she's also an alumna of ICFJ – Dow Jones (2016) and Community Solutions Program (2018) fellowships.

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