Fernando Moreno

Chief Operations Officer • Spanish Public Radio
Last edited October 18, 2019

Fernando Moreno is the Chief Operations Officer of Spanish Public Radio (SPR), a non-profit dedicated to sharing and preserving the Spanish language and culture in the United States and abroad. Through his long unique history of community involvement, organizing, and developing through an asset-based development focus, Fernando has helped create and manage projects in various communities throughout Chicago. Fernando is the youngest COO of a non-profit delivering Spanish content to an international audience and initiated SPR's community investment program that works closely with organizations, universities, and local leaders to provide content and useful information for Spanish-speaking communities. In between the many projects he is working on, he still finds the time to produce programs for SPR and volunteer for an after-school leadership development program for high school and college students. Fernando is one of the Executive Producers of “DACAmentation: Humanizing Our Stories” project.