Briana Alvarado

Broadcast Journalism • Howard University
Last edited June 28, 2022

I’m a student, reporter, writer, and editor on paper, but those roles alone don’t tell my story. During my first semester of college, I started my YouTube channel to get creative and learn the ropes of video editing. This work helped me get my first internship with the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute (CHLI) in Washington, D.C. After eight months of interning with CHLI as the communications intern, on that small team of five, I learned so much by being the only creative role in the room. My responsibilities included live-tweeting, transcribing discussions, and live streaming during programs. Prior to our programs, I created press releases, interviewed speakers and produced promotional videos for a total of eight programs with CHLI. Through CHLI, I worked closely with many Hispanic professionals who encouraged me, like CEO Mary Ann Gomez Orta. She influenced me to report on the Blackburn Takeover protest for the Spotlight TV Network amid the housing crisis at Howard University. I worked on interviews, b-roll, and post-production for that package. That fast-paced, news-breaking environment challenged and shaped my approach to journalism. Additionally, it led me to start the production of a Spanish podcast, Radio Chang√≥, which will focus on Afro-Latinx issues!