Table Talks: Newsgathering Tools + Techniques

Consistently ranked among the best experiences of our conference, this series of participatory, inspiring conversations will address challenging topics in your area of expertise. You'll be able to choose your own conversation from the list of ideas below.

These discussions will give you an opportunity to collaborate with top minds in the field to explore new ideas on common issues you face.

Head to the room that has the topics that interest you most, sit anywhere, and our trained facilitators will you give you (very brief!) instructions on how Table Talks will work.

  • Digital versus Broadcast: Breaking silos in the newsroom – Alisha Ebrahimji
  • How to tackle enterprise reporting in a lean newsroom – Amy Wu
  • Let's develop a pipeline for local news that combines the affordances of digital tools and the physical world – An Xiao Mina
  • Fact-checking and teaching critical thinking to future journalists – Angie Holan
  • How can journalists build a more nuanced, insightful, and responsible alternative to horse-race political opinion polling – Ben deJarnette
  • Covering elections before election day – Derek Willis
  • How do we make sportswriting interesting again? – Elena Bergeron
  • Taking fact-checking local: What are the best practices and audience strategies for elevating facts, debunking falsehoods and building trust in your community? – Eric Carvin
  • How can we overcome the challenges of building a strong local journalism culture in the United States and what are the initiatives in this area that have been prospering? – Fernanda Braune-Brackenrich
  • How to collaborate with non-visual writers/editors – Kainaz Amaria
  • Creating a Data Commons: using data for cross-newsroom collaboration – James Gray
  • Navigating ever-more restrictive public records laws – Kevin Vaughan
  • What should journalists do to keep earning the public's trust? – Lisa Heyamoto
  • How do you build the paths your stories will take through the communities they impact before you've even produced them? – Monica Guzmán
  • Fact-checking around the world – Omar Mohammed
  • How to build trust in the news: What's your idea or project? – Sally Lehrman
  • Understanding Each Other – how reporters and data viz teams can learn to understand each other – Tisha Thompson
  • Localizing national data sets – Troy Thibodeaux
  • Innovation in legacy media – Teresa Frontado


    Alisha Ebrahimji
    Digital Multiskilled Journalist, WFAA-TV, Tegna
    Amy Wu
    Senior Reporter, The Salinas Californian
    Ben DeJarnette
    Project and Product Manager, Agora Journalism Center
    Derek Willis
    News Apps Developer, ProPublica
    Fernanda Braune-Brackenrich
    Snapchat Producer and Editor, The New York Times
    Eric Carvin
    Social Media Editor, The Associated Press
    Kevin Vaughan
    Investigative Reporter, KUSA-TV 9NEWS TEGNA
    Omar Mohammed
    ICFJ Knight Fellow, International Center for Journalists
    Lisa Heyamoto
    Senior Instructor of Journalism, University of Oregon
    Troy Thibodeaux
    Data Science and News Applications Editor, The Associated Press
    Teresa Frontado
    Digital Director (2016 Knight Wallace Fellow), WLRN
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