Sponsorship and Funding Opportunities

ONA is looking to partner with sponsors and funders to support the education, community and cohort-building, as well as the overall health and well-being of professionals in the digital news industry, as part of our new Community Circles initiative. Opportunities may include:

  • Branding, advertising and promotion for overall or topic-specific sections
  • Video resources
  • A topic-based AMA for Community Circles participants
  • Sponsored polling/surveys
  • Follow-up webinars around circle themes for the greater ONA community
  • Dedicated blog posts via ONA e-newsletters and journalists.org
  • Supporting best practice/data/new resource sharing
  • Branding on evaluation outreach

We are also open to new ideas! Contact Jessica Strelitz at jessica@journalists.org or schedule a time to discuss via phone or video chat:

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