Mandy Jenkins

Fellow • John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships • New York City, NY
President, ONA Board of Directors
Last edited March 8, 2019

Mandy Jenkins is currently serving her second year as president of the Board of Directors of the Online News Association and is a member of the 2018-19 class of the John S. Knight journalism fellowship program at Stanford University. While there, she is focusing her research on user experience and disinformation.

She was most recently Editor-in-Chief at Storyful, a social news agency working with newsrooms to find, verify and publish eyewitness journalism from around the world. Jenkins previously worked as managing editor of Digital First Media’s Project Thunderdome national newsroom, which supported more than 200 local newspapers across the U.S. in producing digital journalism projects. Prior to that, Jenkins coordinated the OfftheBus citizen journalism program as social news editor for politics at The Huffington Post, and worked as social media editor for Washington, D.C. local news startup TBD. Jenkins also worked in several digital news roles at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and, later, the Cincinnati Enquirer, where she became the newspaper’s first social media editor.

In addition to ONA, Jenkins serves on the Board of Directors for the American Society of News Editors. A native of Ohio and a graduate of Kent State University, she lives in Mountain View, CA.

As a candidate for the 2019-20 Board of Directors election, Mandy submitted the following information. Learn more about the election process.

ONA Involvement

I have been an ONA member for nine years and on the Board of Directors for six years, serving as secretary, vice president and now in my first year as president.

Vision for ONA

I have been a part of ONA’s Board of Directors for six years and I feel I still have more to give the organization.

ONA has grown considerably over the years and is, by all accounts, a successful organization – but now faces a critical time to evolve to accommodate a changing industry. After all, most of the journalism world is “online news” these days – especially compared to when ONA was founded – so we have to be sure ONA, as an organization, reflects the digitally-focused present of journalism and is prepared for whatever evolutions come in the future.

I want to continue to be a part of the team setting the plan for ONA’s next phase of life. Part of that is an evaluation of ONA’s mission to ensure it is still best serving its members and another is developing a strategic plan for continued service to the industry, innovative programming and sustainable growth.

We need to focus on the strengths of ONA, and identify our areas for improvement. From this, we can continue to find opportunities to collaborate with partner organizations with complementary strengths and needs.

I want us to keenly focus on the ONA membership – celebrating and promoting its diversity and addressing the needs of underrepresented sub-communities. ONA has been like a family to me as I have grown and changed in my career, and I want it to be similarly available to all of those who are invested in journalism’s future now and for years to come.