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We’re optimistic that we’ll be able to host our annual conference in Atlanta, Sept. 30-Oct. 3, 2020.

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President’s Letter: I’ve never been more grateful for journalism

We are all navigating uncertainty together, both professionally and personally, and those lines are increasingly blurred. I’m still finding my own groove working from home, and making sure my teams … Read More.

The world’s in crisis — here’s what we learned from checking in with the digital journalism community

Given the upheaval caused by the CONVID-19 pandemic, I’ve started every call for the past several weeks with a pointed, “How are you? Really?” I’ve received refreshingly candid answers from … Read More.

Tips and ideas for working from home

Like many news organizations, ONA staff will be working from home the next few weeks. One unique thing about working at ONA is that we usually have a hybrid telecommuting … Read More.

ONA events and the coronavirus outbreak

Dear ONA Community, As the world grapples with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the safety and wellbeing of the ONA community is our top priority. This page includes the latest information … Read More.

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2019’s Tech Trends in Journalism

Amy Webb will launch the latest edition of Future Today Institute’s emerging tech trends for journalists report, providing insights into what trends will impact journalism, what tools are on the … Learn about this subject.

Expert Investigative Journalism Advice with John Carreyrou

In one of the biggest news stories of the year, Wall Street Journal reporter John Carreyrou exposed fraud by the founder of Theranos, a startup promising rapid blood testing and … Learn about this subject.

Fireside Chat with Maria Ressa

Recent global shifts toward nationalism have led to a deterioration of press freedom worldwide. Journalist Maria Ressa has been on the front lines of this battle. Her organization, Rappler, has … Learn about this subject.

Expert Interview Advice from David A. Fahrenthold

David A. Fahrenthold will walk through how he mixed good ol’ shoe leather reporting and social media to write some of the most impactful stories of the 2016 presidential campaign, … Learn about this subject.

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