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Energizing Storytelling: Taking Narrative to New Levels
How do you best take stories apart and reconstruct them in a multimedia format? What works, what doesn't and what's next? Does text still rule? Are video and multimedia graphics worth the investment of staff hours? And how does one get a staff accustomed to thinking of news as words and images to take better advantage of the online medium?
Participants: Chuck Rose, (moderator); Jane Ellen Stevens, UC-Berkeley; Brian Dunbar,; Emily Murphy, Atlanta Journal-Constitution/; Sarah Stuteville, Common Language Project



The full versions of these papers, delivered at the August meeting of journalism educators, may be available on the AEJMC site this autumn. You could also contact the authors for more information.

Abandoning Traditional News Media?: Factors Influencing the Time Displacement Effects of Online News • Daekyung Kim and Tom Johnson, Southern Illinois • This study surveys 266 college students to examine which factors, such as reliance, interactive use, motivations, and credibility of online news, predict perceived displacement effects of mainstream, portal news sites, and blogs on traditional news media. The study shows mixed findings and suggests that displacement effects vary by reliance, motivations, and credibility of each online news sites. Discussions about the relationship between online news sites and traditional media are followed.

Breaking in your in-box: An exploratory content analysis of online network breaking news e-mails • Tim Bajkiewicz, University of South Florida and Jessica Smith, Christian University • Electronic mail is still considered the Internet’s “killer app,” and online network news organizations take advantage of this by regularly sending out breaking news e-mails. However, to date there has been no scholarly research into this phenomenon affecting more than 11 million people with e-mailed news alerts. Within a media gatekeeping perspective, this study analyzed 875 such e-mails gathered over 26 continuous weeks from five online network news organizations:,,,, and

Walkin’ the Walk; Talkin’ the Talk: Reporters’ Online Interaction with Readers • Randle Quint, Brigham Young and Lucinda Davenport, Michigan State and Scott Lunt, Brigham Young • In the spirit of transparent journalism and increasing competition from non-traditional online media and communities, are online newspapers offering readers more and different types of interactivity and feedback features than they have in the past? And, if so, are reporters interacting with readers? This study sought to update and improve earlier research through a content analysis of a proportional sample of 308 online newspapers and a survey to reporters.

New Media, Familiar Standards: How Online News People Rate 38 Criteria of Quality for News Web Sites • George Gladney, Wyoming and Ivor Shapiro, Ryerson and Joseph Castaldo • The researchers abstracted from the literature 38 criteria of quality of online news Web sites, then conducted an online survey in which 143 online news people rated the importance of each criterion. The study’s purpose was to (1) identify criteria deemed most important in judging the quality of online news sites, and (2) determine how standards unique to the Web compare in importance with traditional print standards.