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Test Drive: Keynote Tweet

OK, confession time. I am the least techy tech person who has ever lived. I didn’t learn simple HTML for years after I started blogging, and then only through reluctant Google searches like “how do I make a header in HTML.” My tech knowledge is on a need-to-know basis. But, sadly, there are a lot of things I need to know.

Most recently, I decided that I wanted to have a cute little Twitter component to the many presentations I give. At SparkCamp, Amy Webb (ONA Board member and Webbmedia Group CEO) had demoed Keynote Tweet, which seemed like the perfect solution. All I had to do was install it, right? How hard could it be? My Web 2.0-conditioned self then happily searched “Keynote Tweet App” – and was rewarded with nothing that looked user friendly. What is Apple Script? Where’s a friendly little icon to click on? I’ve been robbed! Why do they want me to do some work?

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Just the Apps, Ma’am: DocumentCloud

What is it?

It’s a better way to store your documents. It enhances your files, allowing you to search, annotate, store and make notes on different documents, as well as cross referencing them against what you already have in your stash.

How it works:

It runs on Calais, which is essentially a smart tagging system. It improves on the idea of keywords by one important step – it also links important people and ideas, and sorts the information in a way that mimics thinking.

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Test Drive: Rapportive

Like you, I’m drowning in email.

Currently, my inbox holds 5,549 emails (only 13 unread, thank goodness!) with another 2,633 in a folder I marked “backlog” from last year’s inbox cleanout. I’ve given up on inbox zero – with the amount of email pouring in daily, across my personal life and my sites, it just isn’t going to happen. I’ve contemplated declaring email bankruptcy, but just like in real life, that’s the nuclear option.

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