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Resources from ONACamp at AAN Digital

ONA brought ONACamp, a full day of digital training, to the Association of Alternative Newsmedia’s 2013 Digital Conference on January 26. Presenters from Tumblr, Google, NPR, the Center for Investigative Reporting, the San Jose Mercury News, and the Knight News Fellowship worked with more than 130 editors and journalists to improve their digital approach to news.

Keeping in mind the range of work produced by Alternative Newsweeklies, ONACamp focused on new tools and solutions to make their work more awesome. We’ve collected resources so you too can learn how to build better maps with Fusion Tables, reach new audiences with Tumblr, get out of your traditional mindset and think more like a startup, and build better networking strategies.

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How They Did It: Yahoo! crowdsources the American unemployment crisis

Down But Not Out

After the market crash of 2008, the Great Recession has been debated by pundits and policy wonks while journalists try to document the unfolding tales of the newly unemployed. Financial experts note that Americans are technically out of the recession, while most citizens are still reeling from the effects of a tanked economy, with no end in sight.

Yahoo! News decided to step into the fray with an experimental project, harnessing crowdsourcing, Tumblr and traditional storytelling techniques to illuminate the toll of long-term unemployment. The project, Down, But Not Out: Stories from the Long Term Unemployed (DBNO for short) is sobering reading, putting a face to the seemingly endless economic free fall. The stories shared are simultaneously painful and poignant, underscoring the stark economic headlines with tales of personal expectations, shattered dreams and a mountain of obstacles to overcome.

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