ONA Toronto events

ONA Toronto: Inside The Globe and Mail’s new mobile app

Earlier this spring, The Globe and Mail launched a radical redesign of its mobile apps. We chat with Matt Frehner, The Globe’s Senior Editor for Mobile & Interactive News, about the strategy behind the Globe’s app and how the newsroom has changed in order to serve its growing mobile audience.

You can see the app here.

Q&A to start at 7 pm.

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ONA Toronto: Making UGC work

A decade after the term first hit the mainstream, how is the media industry faring when it comes to embracing user-generated content? Robin McMillan, head of Gastropost Canada, and Jayne Hoogenberk, digital communities strategist for The Weather Network, join us to discuss the state of UGC in Canada and what they’ve learned working with user-generated content. What works, what doesn’t, and who’s ahead of the curve? How has our understanding of UGC evolved over the years? And in a world teaming with nimble, user content-fuelled start-ups, how can legacy media outlets compete?

The event will start at 6:45 pm, with our panelists taking the stage at 7 pm. Bring your questions, and join us afterward for drinks and conversation.

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ONA Toronto: #telleveryone book launch

Please join us to hear Alfred Hermida in conversation about his new book, Tell Everyone, with CBC’s David Common.

To RSVP, please email rsvpcanada@randomhouse.com.

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ONA Toronto: How I survived my layoff

Yes, layoffs in media are a sad reality these days. But many of our colleagues have used them to move on to exciting new careers. Let Jeremy Barker and Lindsey Wiebe inspire you with their personal career stories. And then stay for pub night.

Jeremy Barker was once the social media editor at The National Post. He’s now employed at Jumpwire Media as a social media platform specialist, where he works with media companies on social and digital content strategies. He says the word Facebook a lot these days.

Lindsey Wiebe was an online editor and social media superstar when she was laid off from the Winnipeg Free Press. After being laid off she moved to Toronto where she’s now the associate web editor at Maclean’s.

Note: Handlebar is ours from 6:45-9 pm (but we’re welcome to stay for trivia night). Talk will begin at 7 pm in the backroom.

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ONA Toronto: Post-summer drinks and social

Summer is coming to an end, and ONA Toronto thinks it’s time to come together and connect with our summer social.

We’ve arranged a private event at Kensington Market’s Handlebar, and here is the agenda:

6:30-7 p.m.: Arrival.

7-8 p.m.: In five minute blocks, attendees are invited to come up to the front to share with the group one of the following:

- Demo a cool project you worked on in your newsroom this summer.- Discuss a digital journalism challenge you or your organization came up against this summer and share you how solved it.- Share some professional development you’ve been doing (a course, a personal project, a visit to another newsroom). Make sure to include lessons learned.- We’re open to other ideas!

The key here is to make sure that you leave your audience with 1 or 2 take-aways they can apply to their own life/career. For questions please email kimafox@gmail.com

8 p.m.: Draw for door prizes (Stay tuned to hear more about the cool prizes we’re getting donated – all proceeds will go back to ONA Toronto, to help fund future events)

8 p.m. onwards: Socialize

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ONA Toronto: Responsive Web Design 101

Join us for a demo and Q&A about responsive web design 101 with Keith Robinson, digital product manager with Global News.

Responsive web design allows for the display of online content across an array of devices — desktop, tablet and smartphones.

Global uses RWD across its sites and worked with some of the pioneering firms in this area of web design. Robinson was deeply involved in Global’s implementation of RWD.

CBC information architect Erinn Brush will also be joining us. CBC used responsive design in building its Hamilton website.

The event will begin at 6:30 p.m., with the formal presentation and Q&A from 7-7:30 p.m. or so, followed by networking!

Thanks to Bill Doskoch for organizing this meetup!

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ONA Toronto: Introducing …. Newsana!

Join us for a demo and Q&A about Newsana (currently in beta) with Ben Peterson, the Co-Founder and CEO of Newsana, Jonathan Wong and chief community officer Kim Fox.

Newsana is a community of people passionate about finding and discussing quality news and ideas. Based on community activity, the top five stories are surfaced across a variety of topics and are showcased on the site.

The bar is going to hook us up with a stage light, so hopefully we’ll be able to see the panel this time! ;-)

The event will begin at 6:30 p.m., with the formal presentation and Q&A from 7-7:30 p.m. or so, followed by networking!

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ONA Toronto: eBooks: The new journalism frontier?

ONA Toronto: eBooks: The new journalism frontier?

In the last few years, more publications have begun to experiment with repackaging their content or commissioning new stories as e-books. The rise of outlets such as the Atavist and Byliner, not to mention publishing platforms such as the Kindle and Kobo, have also given freelance writers a way to get their stories to an audience.

How should newspapers, magazines and other outlets approach e-books? How do traditional publications get these products into the hands of readers? How can freelance writers and staff journalists benefit from these new storytelling and product formats? We’ve invited four people familiar with various aspects of e-publishing to discuss this new frontier for journalism.

Stuart Thompson
Stuart Thompson is a multimedia editor at The Globe and Mail and part of the Globe’s Data Bureau. He worked on that paper’s first iBook, “Trial On Ice,” a multimedia look at the historic 1972 Summit Series between Russia and Canada.

Derek Finkle
In 2009, Derek Finkle founded the Canadian Writers Group, an agency that represents more than 100 of Canada’s top independent writers and journalists. The Canadian Writers Group began publishing e-books in early 2012, beginning with Russell Smith’s memoir Blindsided. In June, CWG published Finding Karla by Paula Todd, the first Canadian non-fiction work to go to #1 on the Kindle Singles platform. This January, CWG published Deborah Coyne’s memoir, Unscripted, which was excerpted on the front page of the Toronto Star (but not online!) over two weekend days.

Nathan Maharaj
Nathan Maharaj is Kobo’s director Of merchandising, AKA “head bookseller.” He’s worked with publishers and retailers in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. on the pricing and marketing of e-books as well as building relationships with Kobo.

Chris Frey
Chris Frey is the editor in chief of Hazlitt, an online magazine and electronic publishing imprint of Random House Canada. Hazlitt recently published three original e-books, including The Gift Of Ford, Toronto journalist Ivor Tossell’s look at Mayor Rob Ford and You Aren’t What You Eat, writer Steven Poole’s look at foodie culture.

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ONA Toronto Mixer with Canadian University Press National Conference

ONA Toronto Mixer with Canadian University Press National Conference

Let’s call this a mini-Meetup.

Canadian University Press is holding its 75th national conference this week at the Delta Chelsea in Toronto. We’d like to invite all ONA Toronto folk to come out to a mixer featuring Nash delegates as well as Rouge Media and University of King’s College at the Monarch Pub, which is located on the bottom floor of the Delta Chelsea.

You don’t have to be an ex-Cuppie to attend!

If you are an ex-Cuppie, don’t forget about Wednesday’s night alumni social at the CBC. Head over here for more details.

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