ONA Philadelphia events

ONA Philly: Making a living as a freelancer

Come to this roundtable discussion and Q&A session with some of Philadelphia’s most successful freelance writers and editors, the ones who are doing both work they care about and work that pays the bills to put together a meaningful career as a freelance reporter, editor or journalist. Hear what it takes and ask questions about breaking in, during a joint event from ONA and the newly formed local chapter of the Editorial Freelancers Association.

Our speakers will include:

Tom Ciavarella — editor by trade, entrepreneur by choice and a career content developer. As the founder of Smarter Learning LLC, Tom provides agency services for authors, editorial oversight of manuscripts and content development for mobile applications. He’s an EFA chapter coordinator.

Sarah Grey — freelance writer and editor at Grey Editing LLC specializing in history, sociology, media studies and geopolitics and EFA chapter coordinator. Her writing has been published in the Rust Belt Rising Almanac, Grid, Motivos, Monthly Review and International Socialist Review, among others.
• Patrick Kerkstra — award-winning journalist, former Inquirer City Hall reporter turned Philadelphia magazine and PlanPhilly city politics reporter.
• Alaina Mabaso — associate editor of the Broad Street Review and freelance reporter who has written for local publications including NewsWorks and Grid.

Jen Miller — author and accomplished features scribe for periodicals including Runner’s World, the New York Times, Details, Men’s Health, AARP The Magazine, among others.

Maryam Ronagh — editor with a background in scholarly and scientific publishing, and experience hiring and working with freelancers in the U.S. and abroad. Founder of Farmanesh Publications, a textbook publisher based in Tehran, and a published author in the field of manufacturing engineering.

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ONA Philly: Online News Association Conference Show and Tell

The Center for Public Interest Journalism sent out some of our Philly reporting peers to Atlanta for October’s national Online News Association conference. Let’s hear what our friends learned when they went to the mothership.

We did this last year and it was tons of fun. Come out and hear from attendees.

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ONA Philly: DIY Data Gathering

Open government data, FOIA request results, and even just walking around the neighborhood all give us data to tell a new story or create a cool visualization. But rarely does the data come in an easy-to-use format.

Join Hacks/Hackers and the Online News Association on Oct. 8 to learn three ways to make that intractable data useful.


Noah Veltman is a 2013 Knight-Mozilla Fellow at the BBC. He’s done a lot of neat data projects including a map of the history of street names in San Francisco, which involved *gasp* calling actual human beings to gather all his data. Noah is currently working on opening up the street history project for other cities, like Philly.

Manuel Aristarán is a 2013 Knight-Mozilla Fellow at La Nacion on Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s working on a tool called Tabula that extracts tabular data from PDFs. Tabula helps solve the frustrating problem of accessing data trapped in PDFs.

A team of mapping enthusiasts ran a couple of balloon mapping workshops this spring and summer to get a birds-eye view of places in the region. They then used an open source tool from the Public Labto compile photographs of the area.

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ONA Philly: Last Summer Happy Hour

Join us for a final happy hour to talk journalism and briefly overtake West Philly before the college kiddos return.

There’s some movement on a Philly news awards effort from the Pen & Pencil Club this fall, so we’d love to hear some feedback on categories and nominees. Come out with news, media and other information sources that deserve a shout out in Philly!

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ONA Philly: Happy Hour!

Catch up with ONA Philadelphia, network with journalists and gossip about who should run for mayor in 2015!

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ONA Philly: Happy Hour

GoogleReader is being killed off. Twitter and Facebook are crowded.

How do you as a news consumer get your news, keep ahead of the curve and process the narratives of your beats? We want to know.

Come grab a beer and informally network and talk with friends by sharing about our habits for getting news early and keeping up with the world and our communities.

If the weather is good, we’ll hit the rooftop of Revolution House in Old City. Otherwise, we’ll be as close to the bar as this group of news mongers can make it.

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ONA Philly: Inside look at Inquirer & Daily News redesign with Philly.com

Almost two years after ONA last visited the old Inquirer building to hear about major plans from our city’s biggest media company, Join editors from Philly.com, the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News to discuss the role that all three of their web presences play in parent company’s Interstate General Media’s digital future.

Leah Kauffman, executive producer for entertainment and lifestyle at Philly.com, Frank Wiese, senior editor for multimedia projects at the Inquirer, and Josh Cornfield, digital editor at the Daily News, will discuss their individual websites and how they’re working together to expand the reach of the region’s largest website and daily newspapers.

Wiese and Cornfield will discuss the recent launches of their respective members-only websites, which seek to improve the newspapers’ relationship with their audience, while Kaufmann will discuss Philly.com’s move toward becoming more of a portal site with its own distinct voice.

Come around 6:30pm, we’ll get started at 7pm and wrap up by 8pm for a Happy Hour. Details to follow.

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ONA Philly: Open Records 101

Please RSVP via the WHYY signup here. (This event is $5 for non-members of WHYY. )

The second week of March is Sunshine Week, “a nationwide discussion about the importance of access to public information and what it means for you and your community.”

In Philadelphia, WHYY is hosting an event with the editorial director of the Sunlight Foundation – and once Inquirer Reporter – Bill Allison. The event will include a discussion with WHYY reporters Dave Davies and Holly Otterbein, who will share stories from the trenches. The panel discussion will be led by WHYY’s Vice President for News and Civic Dialogue, Chris Satullo.

Data and open gov are hot topics in journalism technology right now, so this is a great time to learn more about the open records and information laws already on the books.

Please RSVP via the WHYY signup here.

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ONA Philly: National Tech Reporters Roundtable

Get a preview of the third annual Philly Tech Week!

(More details on specific programming to follow)

Join us for a roundtable discussion with an impressive panel of national tech reporters discussing national trends in technology and innovation and how Philly fits into it all.

Erica Ogg, of GigaOM, reports on Apple, though occasionally she’ll detour into stories about how personal tech intersects with two of her favorite things: travel and food.
Timothy B. Lee, of Ars Technica, covers tech policy with a particular focus on patent and copyright law, privacy, free speech, and open government.
John-Paul Titlow, of ReadWrite, has been writing for ReadWrite since June 2011. His areas of focus include the future of music and entertainment, the ongoing online copyright wars and Apple.
Chris Grant of Polygon, is the founding editor of the year-old national video game culture news site, after a previous stint as an editorial director at Aol’s Joystiq
This event will also offer a brief intro to some of the exciting things happening in each of the five tracks in which PTW is organized: Art/Creative, Access/Policy, Design/Development, Entrepreneurship/Investment and Media/Transparency.

[This is part of the Philly Tech Week 2013 Preview Event]

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ONA Philly: Meet SPUN

ONA Philly: Meet SPUN: unveiling of a local news discovery app

How will professional content be discovered in the mobile age? Publishers have spent 20 years optimizing discovery for traditional web browsing by SEOing content by keyword, but mobile presents new opportunities for optimized discovery. Our phones know where we are. In the mobile age content will be optimized by location. Phones will automatically surface articles about the Brooklyn Bridge for users in downtown Manhattan; just being in front of the Philly Museum of Art will be the catalyst for surfacing an interview with Sylvester Stallone or the famous clip from Rocky.

This meetup will talk about what it means to find new avenues for content distribution that take advantage of consumer behavior on mobile devices. Scott Lindenbaum will also talk about how his company, SPUN, is doing just this kind of thing in an iPhone app. They’ve partnered with content providers like The Awl and Gothamist to test our theories.

SPUN is the easiest way to keep your finger on the pulse of a city. It’s local news on steroids, with articles from local experts and professional publishers. Users don’t have the time to check every local website every day. City dwellers need a one-stop aggregation of juicy articles. SPUN is the ultimate urban lifestyle guide.

Scott Lindenbaum is the President and COO of SPUN. Scott has been covered by CNN, MSNBC, and FOXnews, and has appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and numerous other outlets. For ten years, Scott was a halfpipe snowboard competitor sponsored by Burton Snowboards. He holds an MFA in creative writing, has studied Behavior Design with Stanford Human Interaction professor BJ Fogg, and is currently working with Apple on the UI design of future SPUN iterations.

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