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ONA Philly: What’s next for PlanPhilly?

Event date: Dec. 22, 2015
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Founded in 2006, built-environment news site PlanPhilly has entered an entirely new era in the last year. From its founding at the University of Pennsylvania to its new home at WHYY, the niche journalism site has remained one of Philadelphia’s most respected independent reporting organizations, while undergoing prominent changes.

In recent years, PlanPhilly has unveiled a complete site overhaul, changed publishers, faced high-profile staff turnover and evolved its editorial mix. All the while, it has contributed consistently important reporting on otherwise underserved coverage areas. But it’s at another moment of change. Its founding funders, in the William Penn Foundation and the Wyncote Foundation, have supported the transition to WHYY. What’s next?

Come meet with the PlanPhilly staff, who will share some of their plans for 2016 and want your own feedback on what’s coming. Cash bar, with some happy hour specials.

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ONA Philly: Can sponsored content be good for journalism?

Each summer, we plan a couple simple happy hours with a topic to prod conversation. This month, come to Morgan’s Pier with your thoughts and fears and excitement over ‘sponsored content’ or ‘native advertising’ or ‘branded coverage’ or whatever you call it: advertorials with client influence that are getting new blood in online news properties. Let’s talk about how it’s working and how it isn’t.

Grab yourself a beer, enjoy the sun (weather permitting) and let’s talk.

As always, we’re looking for future event programming ideas and volunteer organizer interest! See ya then.

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ONA Philly: #ONA14 National Conference Show and Tell

Every year, after our friends go to the national Online News Association conference (this year in Chicago), we bring everyone together to share what they learned so we can all benefit.

Come on out, have a good time, get a few drinks and learn something about the changing world of digital reporting and news.

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ONA Philly: #SRCCON Meetup

Meet news coders from around the country.

SRCCON is a global conference for developers, interactive designers, and other people who love to code in and near newsrooms that is happening in Old City Thurs. July 24-25.

So let’s get some local Philadelphia news and media leaders to come have a beer to mix with such leaders from around the world.

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ONA Philly: Brother.ly: Get the inside scoop on local mobile-first news startup

Former Editor in Chief of Digital First Media Jim Brady and former Inquirer Executive Online Editor Chris Krewson are coming together to launch Brother.ly, a soon-to-launch mobile-first news and aggregation tool focused on Philadelphia.

Read about the launch in USA Today.

Come out to the Pen and Pencil Club to hear from Brady and Krewson and talk about the state of the news sharing environment.

The first 20 who arrive (and who RSVPd here) will get a free drink courtesy of our friends at Brother.ly.

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ONA Philly: 6th Annual Barcamp News Innovation

Register here for the region’s largest annual future of news unconference!

Features meaningful sessions, a keynote by Amanda Zamora of ProPublica.

What else does a $10 ticket get you? (free for students with ID)

• Admission to a day-long conference with smart leaders in how news is changing

• Keynote from Amanda Zamora, ProPublica engagement editor

• Track of sessions from Google

• Unconference board to plan your own session

• Pre-planned sessions from leaders from organizations like the Washington Post, Associated Press and independent media outlets.

Breakfast (donuts, coffee); lunch (sandwiches, canned drinks); Happy Hour (drink ticket and apps)

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ONA Philly: Making a living as a freelancer

Come to this roundtable discussion and Q&A session with some of Philadelphia’s most successful freelance writers and editors, the ones who are doing both work they care about and work that pays the bills to put together a meaningful career as a freelance reporter, editor or journalist. Hear what it takes and ask questions about breaking in, during a joint event from ONA and the newly formed local chapter of the Editorial Freelancers Association.

Our speakers will include:

Tom Ciavarella — editor by trade, entrepreneur by choice and a career content developer. As the founder of Smarter Learning LLC, Tom provides agency services for authors, editorial oversight of manuscripts and content development for mobile applications. He’s an EFA chapter coordinator.

Sarah Grey — freelance writer and editor at Grey Editing LLC specializing in history, sociology, media studies and geopolitics and EFA chapter coordinator. Her writing has been published in the Rust Belt Rising Almanac, Grid, Motivos, Monthly Review and International Socialist Review, among others.
• Patrick Kerkstra — award-winning journalist, former Inquirer City Hall reporter turned Philadelphia magazine and PlanPhilly city politics reporter.
• Alaina Mabaso — associate editor of the Broad Street Review and freelance reporter who has written for local publications including NewsWorks and Grid.

Jen Miller — author and accomplished features scribe for periodicals including Runner’s World, the New York Times, Details, Men’s Health, AARP The Magazine, among others.

Maryam Ronagh — editor with a background in scholarly and scientific publishing, and experience hiring and working with freelancers in the U.S. and abroad. Founder of Farmanesh Publications, a textbook publisher based in Tehran, and a published author in the field of manufacturing engineering.

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ONA Philly: Online News Association Conference Show and Tell

The Center for Public Interest Journalism sent out some of our Philly reporting peers to Atlanta for October’s national Online News Association conference. Let’s hear what our friends learned when they went to the mothership.

We did this last year and it was tons of fun. Come out and hear from attendees.

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ONA Philly: DIY Data Gathering

Open government data, FOIA request results, and even just walking around the neighborhood all give us data to tell a new story or create a cool visualization. But rarely does the data come in an easy-to-use format.

Join Hacks/Hackers and the Online News Association on Oct. 8 to learn three ways to make that intractable data useful.


Noah Veltman is a 2013 Knight-Mozilla Fellow at the BBC. He’s done a lot of neat data projects including a map of the history of street names in San Francisco, which involved *gasp* calling actual human beings to gather all his data. Noah is currently working on opening up the street history project for other cities, like Philly.

Manuel Aristarán is a 2013 Knight-Mozilla Fellow at La Nacion on Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s working on a tool called Tabula that extracts tabular data from PDFs. Tabula helps solve the frustrating problem of accessing data trapped in PDFs.

A team of mapping enthusiasts ran a couple of balloon mapping workshops this spring and summer to get a birds-eye view of places in the region. They then used an open source tool from the Public Labto compile photographs of the area.

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ONA Philly: Last Summer Happy Hour

Join us for a final happy hour to talk journalism and briefly overtake West Philly before the college kiddos return.

There’s some movement on a Philly news awards effort from the Pen & Pencil Club this fall, so we’d love to hear some feedback on categories and nominees. Come out with news, media and other information sources that deserve a shout out in Philly!

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