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Deadline extended! One more week to apply for MJ Bear Fellowship

We’re extending the deadline to June 7 for applications for the 2013 MJ Bear Fellowships for early-career digital journalists, in honor of founding member MJ Bear.

Apply for the MJ Bear Fellowship

The search committee will select three promising, up-and-coming digital journalists — two in the United States or Canada and one internationally, in partnership with MSN International — who are just beginning to make their voices heard in the industry.

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Students, build your website and build your brand

As a digital journalism student, you know the importance of building your brand on the web. Employers and recruiters check Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and whatever else they can find that gives them a picture of who you are. You get that, right? But, lost in the entire buzz of social media, many students today neglect building a simple, standard web page as part of their online branding.

The personal website is not a dinosaur just yet; reading 140 characters only tells so much about you. As spring deadlines for scholarships and internships approach, including our AP-Google Journalism and Technology Scholarship, make sure to give your contacts a one-stop online shop to find you and all of your social media profiles.

Don’t let HTML coding or more complex website builders intimidate you. Here are three simple and easy website builders you can use right now. Each of the websites I created for this post took less than five minutes to complete. (These quick-build sites may be far from sophisticated, but half the battle is simply getting started.)

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The deadline dilemma: Four tips to improve any scholarship or internship application

Are you trying to land that big internship next summer? Do you want to stand out among a hundred other scholarship applicants?

For students, the end of the year not only brings the stress of finals but that special problem I call the “deadline dilemma”; There are more scholarships and internships than you have time to apply to, and all of them are due at the same time.

The usual default for this dilemma is to create a standard, one-size-fits-all application and mass-distribute to anybody and everybody. This only leaves you with the false sense of confidence that only hitting the “send” button can bring.

Just like a job search, your application needs to target your audience. Here are four ways to improve your application process this year.

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