Mandy Jenkins (Secretary)

Managing Editor, Project Thunderdome
Digital First Media

Mandy is currently Interactives Editor for Digital First Media, where she coordinates engagement projects, leads national curation efforts and coaches local newsrooms on social media.

Mandy joined DFM from The Huffington Post, where she was the Social News Editor for politics and coordinated the company’s citizen journalism program, OfftheBus. Mandy was previously the social media editor for Washington, D.C. local news startup TBD, where she experimented in local news curation, crowdsourcing breaking news and community engagement.

Mandy has worked previously at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and The Cincinnati Enquirer, where she was the latter company’s first social media editor.

Believing deeply in the need for ongoing professional development for journalists, Mandy has led training sessions on community engagement, social media and digital tools for organizations such as ONA, the International Center For Journalists and APME. She’s also an adjunct professor of journalism at Georgetown University.

It is in this spirit of continuing education that Mandy shares what she learns along the way on her blog, When she isn’t traveling to local newsrooms, Mandy lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband, Ben.